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Proven through number of studies that the air breathing quality effects the human health and overall wellbeing. Any harmful particulate contaminants and allergens can have a negative impact of heath; as well as unwanted odours and harmful gases. With our HVAC and molecular filters, we make sure that society receives the freshest air for the best performance and vitality at the workplace.

Air filters, produced by our professional team, are designed to minimize the amount of dust and remove a number of possible toxins from the air around us. This is how experts explain the result of exposure to certain toxic substances on humans:

Persistent headaches, increased blood pressure;

Confusion and loss of concentration;

Fatigue, drowsiness;


Cough due to irritation of the respiratory tract;

Decrease in the level of immunity;

Cases of manifestations of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Dust in both home and office, is quite capable of leading to the formation of illness, including bronchitis, allergies, and even bronchial asthma. According to statistics, offices, where concentrated a large number of people, are distinguished by a high level of concentration of various impurities in the air. Creating a comfortable environment is critical to the health of customers and employees.

The importance of clean air in a commercial, retail or office environment cannot be overestimated. People work and feel better in a healthy, clean air environment. Medical research has proven that the use of high-performance, high-quality filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems can reduce health and allergy problems caused by fine dust and pollen.

Ventilation in the office is a heterogeneous concept. There is a list of standards for each type of room; air exchange rates depend on the type of room and the number of people who are in it constantly. Accordingly, the exact rate is set per person and is adapted for a specific room by multiplying the standard value by the number of employees.

The air coming from the outside is cleaned by duct installations, which are built into the supply ventilation. The composition of the combined cleaning systems for the supply, recirculation and exhaust air masses includes sequentially primary and fine dust filters (G and F classes), electrostatic filters, HEPA filters, photocatalytic and adsorption modules. Air filters create healthy conditions for the existence at home, at work, in the office. It is impossible to achieve the desired cleanliness of the atmosphere of the premises without filters.