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The need for pharma product is increasing daily with the aging population and newly occurred diseases. As the sector grows, the need for clean air is increasing exponentially for production ans safe storing. Pharma industry is one of the places where the strict hygiene standards are required. Even a smallest contaminant can affect the quality of the product, cause a failure in projects.

HEPA & ULPA Range: HEPA & ULPA filters are one of the best and most reliable air filtration systems that exist today. MEGE filter assures that high hygiene levels are maintained in pharma factories. Pharma grade fluid gel sealant provides that highest levels filtration with zero risk of any dangerous leakage.

In relation with the development of the pharmaceutical industry and the application of GMP (“good manufacturing practice”) rules at many enterprises, one of the main issues became the installation of “clean zones” with the most critical technological operations in order to obtain medicinal products. Cleanrooms / areas GMP are divided into classes: A, B, C, D and the air environment must comply with normative references to ISO 14644-2, ISO 14644-7.

Ventilation in medical buildings should exclude the flow of air masses from "dirty" rooms to clean rooms, in other words rooms must be isolated from each other, which is ensured by maintaining excess pressure in clean zones. An intelligent and reliable ventilation and air conditioning system is designed to fulfill all these requirements.

Our company offers the necessary solutions for clean air to the highest sterility in pharmaceutical and medical centers.

The first step of filtration:

Filters for fancoils

Cassette filters

Bag filters (G3, G4)

Second step of filtration:

Bag filters (F5 +)

Third step of filtration:

Absolute filtration (HEPA Filters)

 In addition, in buildings such as hospitals, the number of people and the nature of their activity can vary from day to day. When designing a ventilation system of clean zones, this feature should also be taken into account. A proper air filtration system can help to reduce the risks while improving employee health, reducing downtime, increasing profits, and ensuring the quality of the products.