Power Plants Filtration

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Power Plants

Power plants are necessary constructions in human life and currently has no chance of replacements. Proper air filtration is critical to the overall performance and reliability of gas turbines. Thanks to fine and HEPA filters, operators can experience less maintenance cost and shutdowns. MEGE filter offers high airflow rigid bag and HEPA filter that designed the requirement for energy industry, allowing gas turbine systems to function on peak performance.

The power industry is the most important industrial sector for our country, therefore it is very important to provide power plants with high-quality filter materials and equipment. MEGE Filtre company supplies its products to all types of power plants:

state regional power plants;

condensing power plants;

thermal power plants;

combined heat and power plants;

nuclear power plants.

Preventing the release of radioactive contamination into the air remains one of the main factors that determine the environmental and radiation safety during the operation of enterprises of the atomic, radiochemical and other industries using "nuclear" technologies.

As a rule, a three-stage air purification system is implemented at gas turbine and coal power plants as well. 

First stage of filtration (coarse filtration):

Panel filters

Cassette filters

Pocket coarse filters (G3, G4)

Second stage of filtratipn (fine filtration):

Pocket fine filters (F5 +)

Compact W-Filters

Third stage of filtration:

It is achieved by using high-performance compact filters of class F8-F9, and in some cases E10-E12. The air is purified up to 98%.

Activated carbon cartridges are also designed for installation in the coal adsorbers, which are intended for cleaning air and other gases from iodine and its compounds at nuclear power plants, nuclear industry enterprises and other industries. 

Power Plants